Record Celebrates 5th Anniversary

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Greetings Record readers,

Today is our fifth anniversary. On Sept. 16, 2008 we published our first article. It was a short story about two items in City Council: one was the debate about a parking lot in front of Broughton High School and the other was on the opposition to a 6-story building proposed for Cameron Village at the intersection of Oberlin Road and Clark Avenue. That building, and another one across the street, are under construction. And Broughton got its parking lot years ago.

Will you help us celebrate our anniversary and support local journalism by making a tax-deductible donation today?

We started with a mission to bring public service journalism to Raleigh with a new model for funding, that of a nonprofit, and a focus on clear, precise reporting on city government and communities around our city. Our mission has never been to cover anything and everything. Our mission is to grow slowly and sustainably, use our limited resources to cover what isn’t being covered by other news organizations in the area, and be able to create a brand new organization to serve Raleigh for the long haul.

One of our capstone projects each year is to bring you a local voter guide. The idea is pretty simple: profile the candidates running for local office, dive into the issues and do our best to give the people of Raleigh the information they need to make an informed decision on their representative on city council or school board or on the two bonds on the ballot this year. We don’t make endorsements; we just do the reporting.

After three months of work, we released our voter guide online on Friday, and print copies will be distributed throughout the city this week. Don’t forget, early voting starts on Thursday, Sept. 19.

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