THIS JUST IN! Editor will Read Records Law to Celebrate Sunshine Week if…

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Donate today to help us get our editor to do something silly! If we can raise $100 by Saturday at 6 p.m. our editor Charles C. Duncan Pardo will do a dramatic public reading of NCGS Chapter 132, the North Carolina public records statute in honor of Sunshine Week.

Editor Charles Duncan Pardo's kilt.

To up the ante, if we can raise $500 by that same time, Charles will wear his Duncan tartan kilt! It’s the same one he wore when he got married.

This silliness will be taking place at Landmark Tavern on Hargett Street.

What’s the $500 for? Well, that will pay for additional sunshine on your local government. That amount pays for about five stories written by the professional freelance reporters at the Record.

Please donate today!

And if you’ve never read the law, check it out. It’s one of the most important laws on the books to help reporters do their part to ensure a health local democracy.

The Raleigh Public Record team

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