The Record receives $70k grant for local journalism

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The Raleigh Public Record has something to be thankful for this holiday season. The Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation recently pledged $70,000 over the next two years to fund the Record.

Starting in 2011, Raleigh Public record will receive $35,000 for two consecutive years in order to expand its operations and increase its investigative reporting ability. Most of the money will go to pay reporters to cover the stories that go untold or under-reported in Raleigh, according to Record editor Charles Duncan Pardo.

The Record is a non-profit, online news source that began in September, 2008. The Record focuses on reporting only Raleigh news, with specific attention to city politics and tackling issues that aren’t frequently addressed in other area news outlets.

Funds from the grant will also provide $3,000 in seed money for a new investigative and explanatory journalism effort. The grant will also give the editor a small stipend, which, Duncan said, is the first time he will be paid as the Record’s founding editor.

“We’re delighted the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation found our efforts worthy of support,” said Duncan, “and look forward to increasing our municipal coverage. The funds will allow us increase the number of stories we offer and provide investigative reporting on significant issues affecting Raleigh and its residents.”

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