Looking forward to 2009

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The Raleigh Public Record is continuing to grow and change for the new year. Not much has been posted over the past couple weeks, but we’ve been busy working on the site and organizing new contributors.

As you can see, the layout has had a major overhaul and I hope this makes it easier to navigate. The new design will need a little tweaking, but this template will serve as the platform for Raleigh’s new local news source.

We will be bringing you more content every week, starting January 1. Kate Pattison used to work as an archaeologist. But the economy being what it is, she is starting a new column on this website called the Historical Record. She will pick a date each week and talk about that day in Raleigh history. We’re very excited about this new feature. If you’ve ever wondered about an event in Raleigh history, let us know by clicking on the Contact link above and Kate might do the research for you.

Local artist David Eichenberger will also join us to help Raleigh laugh at itself a little. David will feature a new cartoon every week at Raleigh Public Record. Have any ideas for him, let us know.

We will continue growing city coverage. City government coverage will continue and hopefully we can expand into covering community issues across Raleigh. Want to join in? Use the contact form above or post a comment below to let us know what you think.

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