Sept. 22 blotter

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Tuesday Sept. 21

A man, 32, was arrested at 1 a.m. for drug possession on the 1500 block of  Pender Street.

A woman, 29, was arrested for pot possession around 1 a.m. on the 700 block of West South Street.

Monday Sept. 20

A man, 47, was arrested in connection to the theft of 35 cartons of cigarettes on the 300 block of North Tarboro Street.

A man, 54, reported a black leather wallet, car and house keys, a touch screen cell phone, $31 cash, a cheer wine float and a Domino’s Pizza box with two slices left, stolen from the 2000 block of Stewart Drive.

A 59-year-old woman reported a beige leather purse, bottle of 50 Percocet pills and prescription for Percocet and a Woodforest Bank Card stolen from the 3500 block of Capitol Boulevard.

A man, 25, was arrested for pot possession just after 10 p.m. at Martin Luther King Boulevard and State Street.

A male, 40, reported stolen, a yellow wallet, $160 cash, Four Oaks Bank card and a Mexican Identification card, just after midnight from the 3000 block of Boone Trail.

A 46-year-old man was arrested just after midnight for driving while impaired on the 100 block of Donald Ross Drive.

Police arrested a man, 17, for pot possession at about 8:30 p.m. on Anderson Point Dr.

A woman, 20, reported a robbery with a firearm of a Blackberry Boost Mobile Cell phone around 9:30 pm on in the 1700 block of Fountain Drive.

Also on the 1700 block of Fountain Drive a 21-year-old male reported $40 stolen at the same time.

A man, 21, reported damage to door and frame and a Vaio computer stolen during the evening on the 2800 block of Tryon Pines Drive. Another 21 year old male reported stolen a flat screen TV, a back pack and a  computer from the same address.

A woman, 59, reported damage to a back door frame and items stolen which included an 80 gig iPod, a Dell Inspiron Laptop computer, one flat screen TV, 43 US Quarters, one Nintendo DS, 50 custom-made pieces of jewelry, one Kodak camera and 5 watches, sometime during the day on the 600 block of Stokesbury Court.

A man, 19, was arrested for pot possession just after 3:30 pm on the 1300 block of Ujamaa Drive.

A man, 35, reported a flat-screen TV, a camera, a Playstation 3, a WII, and a notebook computer stolen Monday afternoon on the 1500 block of Sunbow Falls Lane.

A 72-year-old man reported a 32-inch TV stolen during the morning from the 8000 block of Central Dive.

Sunday Sept. 19

A man, 32, reported over $5,000 worth of equipment stolen, including a drill, attachments, wrench set, metal cutters, drill bits, strippers, socket set, chisel, tool box, flashlights, golf cart charger, key cutter parts from the 7000 block of Claxton Circle.

Rugged Warehouse reported one pair of blue jeans and one pair of Timberland boots stolen just after 6 p.m. from their store in the 3900 block of Capitol Boulevard.

A male, 44, reported a 1996 Ford Explorer stolen Sunday afternoon from the 3800 block of Poole Road.

Saturday Sept. 18

A woman, 28, reported a 2005 Toyota 4-Runner stolen during the night or early Sunday morning from the 4600 block of Dresden Village Drive.  Police recovered the car.

A man, 25, was arrested early Saturday morning for driving while impaired on the 4000 block of the Circle at North Hills.

A female, 44, was arrested for solicitation just after 8 pm on the 500 block of East Martin Street.

Thursday Sept. 16

A 54-year-old woman was caught Thursday afternoon trying to steal pairs of woman underwear from a store on the 7800 block of Alexander Promenade Place.

Tuesday Sept. 14

It was reported multiple times that during the early morning hours 12 different cars, included a Mini Cooper, a Ford Fiesta, and a Cadillac, were damaged and had their tires slashed along the 6200 block of Cape Charles Dr.

Sometime during the night or Wednesday morning a laptop, stereo, two Playstations, a flat screen TV, a chain saw and a cell phone were stolen from the 5000 block of Knightsbridge Way.

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