City Council District B: Sam Smith

Sam Smith

District: City Council, District B
Age: 23
Occupation: Real Estate Agent, Coldwell Banker Howard Perry and Walston
Incumbent: No

Why should your constituents elect you? I have ideas to move Raleigh forward. I also have quite a bit of sincere determination and drive to work for the people. I really want to be a public servant to the people, and also represent people for what they want, not just my ideas, but actually answer the questions of the people and represent the people. So what do they want to happen in Raleigh?

City Council District B: John Odom

John Odom

District: City Council, District B
Age: 66
Occupation: Owner of Meineke Car Care Centers in Raleigh
City of Residence: Raleigh
Incumbent: Yes, 14 years (total)

Why should your constituents elect you? Number one, experience. I’ve shown the ability to get things done. I haven’t gotten everything done I wanted to, but the experience I’ve had on the Council over 14 years out of the last 20. I’m a person who listens.

Wake School Board District 7: Deborah Prickett

Deborah Prickett

District: Wake County School Board District 7
Age: 59
Occupation: Program Administrator/Education Consultant with Department of Public Instruction
City of Residence: Raleigh
Incumbent: Yes, 4 years

Do you have children in the district? If so, explain. I do have a child, and my child just graduated from Wake County Public Schools. So he has attended all Wake County Schools throughout his entire K-12 years with the school system. The school board has been divided over partisan politics in recent years.

Voting Local is Important

Brent Laurenz is the executive director of the North Carolina Center for Voter Education. Raleigh city elections are right around the corner on Oct. 8. Of course, these off-year municipal contests don’t garner as much interest as a presidential or gubernatorial race, but every two years the citizens of Raleigh go to the polls and elect the city’s next crop of leaders. In 2013, as in every odd-numbered year, Raleigh voters will be casting ballots for mayor, their City Councilor and two at-large Council members elected citywide.

The State of Parking in Downtown Raleigh

Parking in downtown Raleigh has changed a lot since the city installed on-street meters in 2010. We sat down with Parking Administrator Gordon Dash to find out how things are going, answer some frequently asked questions and find out what’s new.