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Sharing Sadlack’s Stories

Front of Sadlack's

Sadlack’s Heroes, a longtime Hillsborough Street landmark, will close its doors on Dec. 31. The business is moving downtown, but the building will be demolished to make room for a new hotel. Record reporters and a photographer recently went to Sadlack’s to collect stories from customers and former employees. Continue Reading →

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City Council District A: Wayne Maiorano


Wayne Maiorano

District: City Council, District A
Age: 47
Occupation: Attorney
Incumbent: No

Why should your constituents elect you? I believe Raleigh is a great place and, when elected, I am committed to sit, listen, and learn. I want to understand what is important to people, no matter what their background, no matter what their experience, no matter what their perspective. I am convinced that, if we work together, we can make thoughtful decisions that are focused on doing the right thing for Raleigh. Right now, I truly believe we need a vision, we need a plan, and we need good leadership and I am committed to bringing that to the City Council. Continue Reading →

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