Mission statement
The nonprofit Raleigh Public Record reports and documents the news of Raleigh, North Carolina. Through its website the Record fairly and responsibly covers the issues affecting all Raleigh communities, using traditional pen-and-pad reporting as well as audio and visual storytelling. While reporting stories traditional media no longer cover, the Record also tests new ways to convey news and helps train a new generation of journalists.

Why We Do What We Do
We almost always have the only reporter in Planning Commission and council committee meetings where elected leaders have important discussions and make decisions that have an impact on everyone in Raleigh. That’s the first part of our mission: bring a little sunshine to local government. The second part of what we hope to achieve with our reporting is to go deeper, really dig into the issues facing communities across Raleigh. We are not about getting a story out right away. We focus on getting our stories right, adding context and really trying to add to the conversation in Raleigh. Sometimes that takes a couple extra hours or days, but our goal is to give Raleigh the hometown paper that it deserves.

Record Hiring Managing Director
The Record is looking for a part-time managing director to help with outreach and fundraising. Read more about the job.

The Raleigh Public Record is accepting applications for paid news internships in Raleigh. Interns will report stories, develop features and have the opportunity to do a series or longer-form magazine article. To apply, please send a cover letter, resume and clips to editor(at)raleighpublicrecord.org. Two interns per year will receive $500 stipends.

Freelance reporters
The Record is always looking for freelance reporters to cover local government, the environment, business and any other stories that go unreported or under-reported in Raleigh. Contact editor(at)raleighpublicrecord.org for more information about becoming a regular contributor. Or, see our submission guidelines below.

Submission Guidelines
The Raleigh Public Record operates with the help of freelance journalists. We welcome submissions and story ideas. Contact Editor Charles Duncan Pardo with your story pitch at editor [at] raleighpublicrecord.org.