U.S. House District 4: George Frank Hutchins

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Name: George Hutchins
Party: Republican
Occupation: Right now I’m a politician, but I used to teach and I am a 1991 Gulf War veteran.
Years in District: Since 2000
Endorsements: None
Amendment 1: I am against any form of legalized gay marriage. I am against any form of gay civil unions.

What do you think is central issue in this year’s election?

My big issue is having 100 percent voter identification. The only reason Obama sits in the White House right now is mass voter fraud. You’ll notice that every state, if not most states, that Obama took, including North Carolina, were states without voter ID laws. It makes no sense to vote without voter ID, because, look, to get a job to have to have ID, to get a bank account you have to have ID. I went to the bank today. I had to pull out ID. It makes totally no sense to allow people to vote without ID… They [Democrats and liberal organizations] pick up street people, homeless people, and they give them some kind of reward or gratuity.

The other thing is more rights for property owners. Let’s say you own an apartment, an apartment building, a house, or you have a piece of property. You want to sell it, to lease it, rent it, meaning this ok: it’s your property. You should be able to decide who to rent it to [or] sell it to. It’s your property, so you decide who you want to do business with. The other thing is the drug people. They make lots of money in the drug community. They go out and rent apartments. They buy homes just so they can move into good neighborhoods, so they can hide behind discrimination laws. We want to really throw all that out.

The other side of the coin is this. Let’s say I want to rent an apartment and someone doesn’t want to rent an apartment to me. No problem! Money is green. Money is green. I’ll go down the street and find someone who wants to rent to me…

What are specific issues facing District 4?

District 4 is a district like all other districts throughout the United States. It all comes down to economics. People are a lot happier when they have solid jobs. A lot of our economy is affiliated with oil production and what I would like to see is a couple of offshore oil wells on the Atlantic Coast. [It’s] under North Carolina jurisdiction [and] a great majority of the proceeds would go back into the North Carolina economy.

What I would like to do also is make more uses out of our industries. For example, creating scientific seafood farms. We can build some [and] make some of the best seafood here in NC and be a world competitor, worldwide.

I want to bring Hollywood production, more Hollywood production. Every time they make a movie here, they need stuff. They need carpenters, people to build sets. They need electricians. They need everything–And that pumps a lot into the economy.

The only thing I didn’t mention is a legalized war on crime, without invading civil liberties… We need to do what we can to monitor a lot of populations. A lot of populations have come down here and committed crime and some of it has gotten really bad. I feel that to establish more cameras to monitor crime and traffic, would be a big plus.

Why should your constituents elect you?

The key thing is I basically represent myself as a real Republican. I will not follow the way of the elites of the Republican Party, like other candidates have.
An elitist is someone who is born into a situation, where all their education is paid for. After they graduate from university, they are so well connected, all they do is hand their resume and someone hooks them up with a real decent job. The last time I ran [in 2010] I ran against someone who would be described as a big Republican, and the other guy was a modern day carpetbagger that they brought down from New York City… If the voters want a real republican who addresses real social issues, they should vote for me.

What do you think are the biggest accomplishments and failures of the U.S. House of Representatives during the past two years?

Basically the whole US Congress, including the House of Representatives, [the biggest problem is that] they didn’t have the votes to stand up against Obamacare, which is socialism… Now they’re starting to get together and say this not what the public wants. If they could throw that out, that would be one of the best accomplishments that they could do.

[Another issue is that] according to a lot military commanders, the ranks of major general and above, we may have pulled out of Iraq to soon. Meaning this: we tried to leave behind a contingency that would be strong enough to fight off terrorism, or Talibans, Al Qaedas… The reason why this is as a very dangerous part of the world [is that] any time a terrorist organization can take over other countries, they will set up operations to attack us. The reason they will attack us is because they are jealous of our way of life.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

I am a fanatic about collecting old movies. I’ve got one of the best DVD collections of older movies.

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