U.S. House District 2: Sonya Holmes

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Name: Sonya Holmes
Party: Republican
Occupation: Poultry farmer
Time in district: 41 years
Endorsements: None
Amendment 1: I do believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman, but that’s my personal opinion. I’m not saying my personal opinion should be forced on anyone else. Amendment 1 is one of those individual rights. I think everyone ought to vote their conscience at the polls. I feel that it is an individual right that everyone needs to speak their own mind at the polls.

What do you think is the central issue for this election?
Jobs and economy. We have to generate jobs and stimulate the economy and it can’t be done by using the Fair Tax that has been installed in legislation since January 5, 2011.

What are the specific issues facing your district?
Jobs, economy and individual rights. The constituents feel that their individual rights have been stepped on and overrun by the centralized government.

Why should your constituents elect you?
They should elect me because I will tell them the whole truth about the bills that have come up and not just tell them one side or another. I will keep them informed of what legislation is being proposed and I will stay in touch with them.

What are the biggest accomplishments and failures of U.S. House over the last two years?
The accomplishments of the House in the last few years … recently they have started working bi-partisan. They have kept the government going so far. Not willingly. But they have done it.
Failures are they are holding too hard on the party lines and they’re not passing legislation. And the legislation they are passing does not seem to be in the best interest of the general public.

What’s your guilty pleasure?
I would have to say, my guilty pleasure is when I can go out to the firing range and let loose with my weapons.

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