U.S. House District 13: Bill Randall

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Name: Bill Randall
Party: Republican
Occupation: Retired Military, Owns management consultancy business
Years in District: Since November 2008
Endorsements: Herman Cain
Amendment 1: For

What is the central issue in this election?
The central issue for this election is whether we are for limited government or for expanding government. Unfortunately, we are moving in the direction of increasing the number of people that are dependent on government assistance. You have individuals for example — and I know the economy is bad — there are actually individuals who have become accustomed to taking unemployment. They call them unemployment benefits but they are not benefits. What they are is a government subsidy for people to not work — for some people.

Other people are in very bad situations. But there are many of the people that are collecting unemployment that have the ability to work and [see] a job opening, but they choose not to work because the unemployment pays them more than they would get if they were at another job. To me that is fundamentally wrong … I know that is not a politically correct answer, because some may view it as insensitive, but I believe that you should get paid for an honest days work and you should not be lounging around at home when you have the ability to go out and get a job. I’m telling you this as somebody who has received unemployment compensation since he has been in North Carolina…

When I came to North Carolina I was working for a management firm and the business dried up. In the transition of looking for another job, I got paid unemployment compensation based on my previous employment.

What are the specific issues facing your district?

Revitalizing jobs and the economy. We need to get rid of the affordable health care act, otherwise known as ‘Obamacare.’ And our national debt is the greatest threat to our national security.

There are things that could be done at the state level to reduce the burden on businesses. But at the federal level there are two main things that can be done. Reducing unnecessary government regulation. The second one is reducing the heavy level of taxation on businesses. We have the second highest rate of taxation in the free world. That needs to change.

Why should your constituents elect you?

Because of my background and experience. I’m the only veteran in the race. Of the three candidates, I’m the only one who has served in active duty in the military. I served for 27 years. I retired at the rank of E9 and was selected for Command Master Chief, which is a special program of leadership. In fact, Command Master Chief is arguably the most important position of leadership in the United States Navy… because the Navy entrusts the command master chief to go to any duty station in the Navy and be a leader regardless of what your profession was. When you think about it that’s an awesome responsibility. It also says a lot about the background and past performance of that individual…

Since I retired, I have been an insurance agent. I have worked for the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, helping veterans and their family members. I have worked three years for a management consulting firm, but then I started my own business in management consulting. I have worked with businesses in literally every area of the private sector. Manufacturing, wholesale, retail or whatever. Because of that, I have a broad understanding of how business works. The things really impact a lot of different industries. Since I own my own company I have actually paid others to do work for me, so I know how it is to pay those that I’ve hired. I have satisfied customers.

I have been involved in the political field. I have helped other candidates get elected. I have been involved in the grassroots. I am known to be somebody that gets involved and I am known to be a person of integrity and I do what I say. I believe, I will be a good representative for the people in this district.

I came up with what I call the CANE principle, which is an acronym to determine whether I would support legislation in congress. Legislation would have to meet all four of these for me to support it. C, is it constitutional? A, is the legislation affordable? N, is the legislation necessary? E, is the legislation ethical? If it does not meet all four it will not get Bill Randall’s support… That’s my basic template to determine whether or not legislation will meet my test.

What are the biggest accomplishments and the biggest failures of the U.S. House of Representatives during the past two years?

The biggest failure of Congress over the past two years is allowing the Affordable Health Care Act to pass. Obamacare is the biggest tragedy of legislation in our lifetime. It is something that is going to bankrupt many citizens. It’s going to ruin the healthcare system. It will ruin the private insurance industry. It is just bad legislation overall. It is so bad that states have taken legal action against the federal government and the law that was passed. The issue is before the Supreme Court. That is unprecedented.

Despite having two years to try to promote and tout that bad legislation — and even though the media has been giving it a favorable review — despite their best efforts, a little over one-third of people in this country support it and almost two-thirds oppose that legislation. That is without a doubt the biggest failure of Congress.

The fact that they haven’t passed a budget — and that’s not really the Republicans fault, because they’ve tried to and the U.S. Senate hasn’t cooperated … I really don’t see anything that I would call a major victory in the U.S. Congress. You could name some small things, but overall I can’t think of anything of significance, anything great that has been done by the U.S. Congress in the last two years. I really can’t.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure is spoiling my wife.

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