N.C. Senate District 18: Michael Schriver

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Name: Michael Schriver
Party: Republican
Occupation: Self-employed general contractor
Years in District: More than 21 years
Endorsements: None
Amendment 1: For

What do you think is the central issue for this election?

The biggest issue right now are the roadblocks that are keeping businesses from creating jobs. What we need to be looking at are those things that can help the economy restore itself again. We’re talking about taxes, overbearing regulations and things of that nature that keep businesses and small businesses from being able to create jobs because of the cost and the restriction that it creates.

What do you think the central issue is in your district?

We have data that shows that the voters’ No. 1 concern is jobs and our economy and the very close second after that is cutting government spending, it’s wasteful spending. We don’t have an income problem in North Carolina. We’ve got a spending problem in North Carolina as we do in our nation. It’s time we got our house back in order financially and that we become responsible stewards with the taxpayers money.

Why do you think your constituents should elect you in particular for this year’s election

I’m not the type to sit and throw rocks. It’s up to the people to make that decision. All I can tell them is that I’m committed to being a part of this community. I’ve been here. I’ve served this country in times of war in the Marine Corps. I’ve served the community by being a police officer and walking the streets to make sure they are safe. I have taught high school and college to make a difference in our children’s lives and their future… I’m still active and involved in my community now as a board member of United Way. I’m a chairman of the audit and finance committee. I just finished serving on a board with the Chamber of Commerce. I coached little league baseball. I do things locally in my church. I’m here. I’ve been here. And I’m not going anywhere. Neither of my opponents can say that.

What do you think are the biggest accomplishments and also the biggest failures over the last two years in the North Carolina Senate?

The biggest failure is not passing voter ID. And what I mean by that is actually pass it, because it was vetoed. It’s still a failure by leadership to not be able encourage or fashion it in a way that it would be favored by the governor. And it may have been impossible, but it’s still a failure. On the flip side, the positive, and what impressed me the most, was that they came out with their sleeves rolled up ready to go to work. They didn’t wait until the first session. The moment the election was over with, organization began, assignments began. They were being efficient and on time. And that’s how I am. I am not a sit around and waste time kind of guy. I’ve got things to do and places to be and it’s time to get things done. I think the efficiency and effectiveness of how they ran the Senate this year was to me very favorable. Because if they’ve done that well with that, then they’re going to be efficient with other things they do as well.

What is your guilty pleasure?

It’s a very odd question for me.

You can tell me about a hobby if you prefer.

Ok, but I don’t see that as being guilty. I see it as just part of who you are. I’m still puzzled by the term “guilty.” I love to fish. I love to hunt. Now I’m able to incorporate that with my kids because they are a little bit older. When they were much younger, I probably could feel guilty leaving them to go fishing.

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