N.C. House District 33: Rosa Gill

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Name: Rosa Gill
Party: Democrat, Incumbent
Occupation: Retired State Employee, Administrative
Years in District: 55 years
Endorsements: Lillian’s List, more to come
Amendment 1: Against

What do you think is the central issue for this election?
The economy, jobs and education. I think in order to improve our economy and create jobs, we have to have an educated workforce. I know that we cannot continue to cut programs and services. We have to find a way of generating more revenue, because we are not getting any smaller, we are getting larger. Our population is growing by leaps and bounds and we’re having more people that are in need of help, so we’ve got to find a way to increase our revenues.

What do you think are the specific issues facing your district?
Unemployment and education. Those are the things that most impact the people in my district. And services in general. I will continue to advocate and push for additional services. The budget is going to be the document that will determine the services that we will be able to offer those that need them. I’m going to be working as hard as I can to see that we continue with the services that we have and that if we possibly can increase those services we will.

Why should your constituents elect you?
Because they know that I am truly committed to improving the quality of life for all citizens. And if I’m committed to doing that for all citizens, then I certainly will be doing it for my district and my county.

What are the biggest accomplishments and the biggest failures of the NC House of Representatives during the past two years?
The failures are the constant attack on the less fortunate and the vulnerable population, including women. Their failure to increase funding for education.

Let me see, what are the good things they’ve done? That’s a bad one. They deal with moral issues, instead of dealing with unemployment and job creation. They dealt with moral issues, like it was a positive in their eyes, but in my eyes positive would be job creation.

The Racial Justice Act is one thing that we’ve accomplished. The Eugenics program is another positive and that we’re going to be paying restitution for that injustice.

What is your guilty pleasure?
I’m a chocolate fanatic. I like chocolate and I know I don’t need it, especially chocolate cake, but I cook them all the time.

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